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Editing your Blog: Tips and Tricks Part I

By May 27, 2014June 1st, 2016Blog, Wordpress

So, you’ve written your first blog for your new WordPress site. But now, before you publish, it is important to make sure you have your blog exactly how you need it before you press that important “Publish” button and find your words posted for the whole internet to read. You’ll want to make sure that your blog is informative, easy-to-read, and contributes to your website as a whole. For this post, we are going to talk about a few tips and tricks to make your blog clear, concise, and readable for your intended audience.

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  1. Take a step back

You might be tempted to publish your blog immediately after completing your writing phase. This may not be your best idea, as even some of the most accomplished writers require editing before publication. Instead, after you’ve finished your writing, move on to another activity: write a different blog, check your Social Media, eat lunch, walk the dog, or whatever you want to do for at least one hour (or more) to give your mind a chance to step away from the blog.

This short break will allow you a moment to let your mind forget what you have just written.


  1. Evaluate your audienceFunny kid with a laptop

Who is your blog’s intended audience? A blog written for a formal business setting will have a different audience than a blog about your hobbies, and the intended audience will have a dramatic effect on the language you use in your blog.

For example, if you are writing a blog about a love of the television show Doctor Who, you will have to use different language than a blog about Search Engine Optimization. In the first blog, the writer might use more relaxed, conversational language, scattered with lingo relative to the show and its fandom. This blog might be peppered with contractions, slang, and references that the intended audience will understand. In the second, the writer should use more formalized, professional language. In blogs written with more ‘formal’ or ‘professional’ language, you will want to avoid contractions and slang.

While editing, consider the following question, “Will my audience understand what I am writing?” and “Does this present the message I want to portray for my business or blog?”

  1. Read Your Blog out loud.

Reading your blog out loud will help you notice if there are any awkward sentences or phrases. You will read slower if you use your voice instead of your eyes and are more likely to catch spelling, grammatical, and punctuation mistakes.


  1. Read the Blog Backwards.

This is a variation of reading out loud. Don’t read “word-by-word” backwards. Instead, read one sentence at a time from the end of your blog to the beginning. Like reading out loud, this will help you catch spelling, punctuation, and grammatical mistakes. This will also help you find repetitive sentences or phrases.

These tips will get you started with editing. For more help in editing your blogs, read Tips and Tricks Part 2.


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