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Setting up your cPanel Webmail for an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

By September 18, 2013October 18th, 2016Blog, Tips, Webmail

You have set up your cPanel Webmail and would like to use your new Webmail on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. If you have never set up an email on your iPhone, this can be an intimidating process. Luckily, it does not have to be.

1. In order to set up your cPanel Webmail on iPhone, you must get some important information from your cPanel Webmail account. To find this information, login to your cPanel Webmail directly through “” then click on “Configure Mail Client” in your settings.


You will then be directed to the following screen:



You will  notice “Auto Configuration Scripts” at the top of the screen. Because we are using your iPhone and not any of the ones in that box, we will ignore the entire “Auto Configuration” Section. Instead, look under “Manual Settings.”




This section shows you exactly what information to input into your iPhone to set up your cPanel Webmail. Note: It is highly recommended you use the Secure SSL/TLS Settings to keep your email secure.

Using the information in this section, return to iPhone and select “IMAP” or “POP3.” For this How-to, I am using “IMAP” Settings, though the set-up for “POP3” is almost identical.

2. Go to your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch home screen and tap to the “Settings” application. Iphone 1

3. Tap the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” under the “Settings” Menu.

iphone 24. Tap “Add Account.”

iphone 3


5. Tap “Other”

iphone 4


6.  Tap Mail Account.

Iphone 57. Enter your information under “new Account”

iphone 6

Use your Name, your Email Address, your Password, and a Description of your account.

The “Description” will describe your cPanel Webmail account on your iPhone mail app.

When this information is filled out, tap “Save

8. On the next screen, you will have a number of options to fill in. 

Incoming Mail Server:

iphone 6

    1. First, Select “POP” or IMAP.”
    2. Make sure the second section information is accurate.
    3. “Incoming mail server”:

Host name: Copy from your Webmail information.

    1. Scroll down to continue to Outgoing Mail Serveriphone 7Tap “Save” to Continue.

9. The next steps will set up the SSL security for your email.

Navigate to your email account on your iPhone: From your iPhone home screen, tap on “Settings” and “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” as described above.

iphone 8


Tap your email account to access your account.

Use your finger to scroll down to the “Advanced” Option.

iphone 9


10. Set the SSL settings

iPhone 10

    1. Slide the “Use SSL” Button to the On positon.
    2. Match the IMAP Path Prefix and Server port to information from your cPanel Webmail.
  1. Slide back up with your finger to the top of the screen and press “Save”

11. Navigate back to the email account on your phone and enter the “SMTP” Options.

iphone 11

12. Set the SMTP Settings

iphone 12

Under SMTP Settings, make sure the Server is On.

Match Host Name, User Name, Password, and ServerPort match your Webmail account.

Tap the Save Button

 That’s it! Your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch is ready to check your cPanel Webmail account.


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