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Accessing cPanel Webmail through your Android Smartphone

By August 15, 2013October 18th, 2016Blog, Tips, Webmail

You have set up your cPanel Webmail, and may even already be receiving your Webmail on your Outlook account. However, you also want to be able to receive your Webmail on the go, from your Android smartphone.

1. First, access your Webmail from your home or work computer. This is so you can compare the settings with your cPanel Webmail to the settings you will add to your phone.

 To retrieve that information, see the following instructions:  To find this information, login to your Webmail directly through “” then click on “Configure Mail Client” in your settings.


You will then be directed to the following screen:


You will notice “Auto Configuration Scripts” at the top of the screen. Because we are using the Android email client  and not any of the ones in that box, we will ignore the entire “Auto Configuration” section. Instead, look under “Manual Settings.”


This section shows you exactly what information to input into your Android Phone to set up your cPanel Webmail. Note: It is highly recommended that you use the Secure SSL/TLS Settings to keep your email secure.

2. Go to your Android Phone and find the “mail” application.

android 1

3. Press the “Menu” button at the bottom of your phone. A display similar to this one will appear. Tap the “Accounts List” section.

Android 2

4. A popup should appear that says “Select Account.” Press the “New Account” 3

On the following screen, select “Other (POP3/IMAP).”

android 4

5. The next screen that will appear allows you to enter your email and password. If available, check the “show password” box to make sure you’e entered your password correct and press “Manual Setup.”

android 5
Note: DO NOT use Next; the information for cPanel Webmail Accounts may not set up correctly with that option.
android 6

6.  The next screen will ask you to set up Incoming server settings for your cPanel webmail account.

android 7

Select your Protocol, (Either “POP” or “IMAP), select “SSL” under Security type, then make sure your POP or IMAP Server and your Server Port are identical to the ones listed on your cPanel Webmail account.

Press “Next” to continue.

7. This screen will set up your Outgoing server settings. 

Set the Outgoing server settings identically to the ones listed on your cPanel Webmail account. Check the “Login required” button, and make sure the SMTP server, security type, and Server Port are identical to your cPanel Webmail outgoing server settings.

android 8

select the “Next” button to continue.

8. Name your Account: You may choose to keep the account name the same as the email address or alter it to something else. If you want this to be your Default email on your phone, select “Make this my default mail account.”

android 9

Press the “Finish Setup” to complete the setup. You will be directed to your inbox.

android 10

That is it! That is the entire process of setting up a cPanel Webmail for an Android Phone. Depending on your phone model or version of Android, your screens might look a little different, but the process is the same. Just follow these simple steps and you will be using your Android Smartphone to check and send email in no time!


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