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Create a webmail account using the Control Panel

By July 1, 2013October 18th, 2016Blog, Tips, Webmail

Creating a new webmail account for your domain is simple and can provide visitors to your website with a professional web address they can send their questions and inquiries to when they wish for more information from your domain. This can also protect the privacy of your personal email account. This simple function can be done from your domain control panel.

  1. Go to your domain’s control panel site and log in.cpanel for webmail'

To log in, first enter your username  and passcode, then log in to the cPanel.

  1. You will then be directed to your CPanel home screen.Capture #2 make email'

This screen is your Control Panel home screen. From here you can do any number of Control Panel Options. For our purposes today, we only need to focus on the “Mail” portion of the control panel.

  1. Click on the “Email Accounts” Icon under the mail portion of the Control PanelCaptre #3 Email accounts icon

You will be directed to the Email Accounts page:

capture 4 email accounts page

On this screen, you can create email accounts as necessary for your domain: Info, admin, your name.

Create the New email account. This involves only three steps

 1. First, you must select the desired user name

capture 4 desired user email name

2. Second, you must select a password for the user name, then enter it in both the “Password” and “Password (again)” boxes.

capture 5 password

The two boxes must contain IDENTICAL passwords or you will not be able to continue. The boxes will each have a green check mark by them when two identical passwords have been entered.

3. Press the “Create account button.

capture 6

Once this step has finished, you will see a green bar stating “Your Account has been created!”

Now that you have created a new email user for your domain, your customers can send questions directly to you without having access to your personal email address.


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