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Example 1:  Content Management:  In today’s network environment, casual surfing is higher than ever.  With increasing Social Media exposure, and new apps popping up constanty, its no wonder why this problem is becoming epidemic.  According to “XXXX” employees that spend as little as 10 minutes a day, can cost even small companies hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  So what is the solution? Its more simple than you think, and guess what.. its actually FREE!  Anyone that is tech savy can easily implement this step to make this problem disappear.  This can easily be accomplished by any Tech Savy individual.  Who said that nothing is FREE?  This is how to do it:  First you just navigate to www….

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Example 2: Firewall Security:  How effective is your Firewall Appliance?  Over the past few years, we have constantly encountered numberous issues dealing with equipment being outdated, neglected, or just plain old.  As you may already have guessed, hackers, security, encryption, and compliance standards keep evolving as time moves forward.  If you haven’t performed a penetration test on your firewall, or at least review the configuration in detail, then your probably more vulnerable than you think. There are several websites that allow “External Port Scanning” to be conducted, and they would be a good starting point for most businesses that have any type of Firewall.  Here are some good tips on self testing your Firewall to ensure your not totally open/vulnerable.  Just visit http://www…

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