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[universal_video_player id=”186956″ width=”1300″ height=”600″ auto_play_first_video=”false” initial_volume=”80″ border_color=”#303030″ seekbar_color=”#ffffff” volume_on_color=”#ffffff” timer_color=”#ffffff” top_title_color=”#ffffff” first_video=”1″ show_logo=”false” show_shuffle_but=”false” show_download_but=”false” playlist_width=”275″ orig_thumb_img_w=”100″ orig_thumb_img_h=”55″ playlist_record_bg_off_img_opacity=”85″ playlist_record_bg_on_color=”#566fff” playlist_record_title_on_color=”#ffffff” playlist_record_desc_on_color=”#ffffff” number_of_thumbs_per_screen=”5″ playlist_scroller_bg_color_off=”#cccccc” playlist_scroller_bg_color_on=”#ffffff” selected_categ_bg=”” selected_categ_off_color=”#ffffff” search_area_bg=””][universal_video_player_playlist_item xcategory=”8,4″ title=”Absolute Care “Home Edition“” youtube=”7L-jAKCXKUM” desc=”Absolute Care Home Edition – Get business class protection even for smaller work groups. Our bundles will provide our customers all the software they need to get secure and keep their computer safe. For one low monthly price, you get essential software like Anti-Virus, Malware Protection, and Critical Windows updates performed for you automatically!”][/universal_video_player_playlist_item][universal_video_player_playlist_item xcategory=”8,4″ title=”What is Managed Services all About?” youtube=”TjnxEWETyjs” imgplaylist=”8603″ desc=”This Video makes it easy to understand what Absolute Care Managed Services is all about.”][/universal_video_player_playlist_item][universal_video_player_playlist_item xcategory=”8″ title=”PBX: Powered by Intel Nuc” desc=”3CX powered PBX with the compact Intel Nuc. Power your PBX with Strong Business Class Reliability and smaller form factor.” mp4=”″ imgplaylist=”8802″][/universal_video_player_playlist_item][universal_video_player_playlist_item xcategory=”8,2″ title=”1: Device Management” youtube=”6tj3CxWlws8″ imgplaylist=”8760″ desc=”Device Management Made Easy. We keep a watchful eye on each important computer, server, or other devices. “][/universal_video_player_playlist_item][universal_video_player_playlist_item xcategory=”8,2″ title=”2: Sentinel Protection” youtube=”OVh2yDFVP2Y” imgplaylist=”8608″ desc=”Sentinel Protection will protect your Business Network from Malware, Viruses, and Increase Overall Cyber Security. Proactive protection through Absolute Care.”][/universal_video_player_playlist_item][universal_video_player_playlist_item xcategory=”8,2″ title=”3: Amazing Help Desk Support” youtube=”DI5YDvaqvko” imgplaylist=”8609″ desc=”Amazing Help Desk Support by our Local Exclusive Team! Right here in Sunny Peoria, AZ. Our friendly services is fast and responsive. We do not our source our Help Desk like many others, rather we handle each client individually with easy to understand helpfulness.”][/universal_video_player_playlist_item][universal_video_player_playlist_item xcategory=”8,2″ title=”4: Data Backup and Business Continuity” youtube=”zxVlLqCDnvg” imgplaylist=”8610″ desc=”Verified Backups, Checked Daily. Our strict backup monitoring provides exceptional data backup support, and continuity for any sized business.”][/universal_video_player_playlist_item][universal_video_player_playlist_item xcategory=”8,2″ title=”5: Cyber Security and Threat Management” youtube=”wqPtBv_0pVk” imgplaylist=”8613″ desc=”Securing Your Digital Assets, Network, and Computers. Continuous Protection through Absolute Care Managed Services. “][/universal_video_player_playlist_item][universal_video_player_playlist_item xcategory=”8,2″ title=”6: Rapid Recover and Business Stability” youtube=”6jKVBccKjaQ” imgplaylist=”8614″ desc=”Absolute Care provides Rapid Recovery, in the event your internet connection goes down. If your business relies on its internet connection, this service is made just for you. Redundant Internet connections, SD-WAN, Fail Over, we have the solution that will promote the best connection possible for your business.”][/universal_video_player_playlist_item][universal_video_player_playlist_item xcategory=”8,2″ title=”7: Software Services” youtube=”lIpt5xdqvpU” imgplaylist=”8615″ desc=”Software to drive your business, needs to be updated, accurate, and perform in order to get the best results in business. Microsoft Suite, G-Suite, You bet! From accounting software to nearly any 3rd party application.”][/universal_video_player_playlist_item][universal_video_player_playlist_item xcategory=”8,2″ title=”8: Additional Custom Services” youtube=”M5cjFnuX85U” imgplaylist=”8616″ desc=”Custom Services can be catered to meet your expectations. Need some after hour support? We got that.. Need us to implement a special “Unrelated“ technology project? We got that too. Creating and Consulting to meet project deadlines is what we do best.”][/universal_video_player_playlist_item][/universal_video_player]