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Find General Information and How-To Documents here. Preventative steps every business can use, to either enhance security, increase productivity, or simply use as check lists to make sure your I.T. Department or Provider is doing their job.  Free and Easy Guides and eBooks that educate ANY business type.

Dental Industry

We are continually seeking better ways to serve our clients in dentistry.  Let our Innovative solutions and suggestions help your practice.  All our solutions follow HIPAA guidelines, to provide exceptional security, as well as, overall efficient networking solutions geared toward helping you run a profitable, client loving experience.  Enjoy the Free suggestions, to help improve your office, whether your a client of ours or not.

Medical Industry

Serving our friend in the Medical Industry for over 15 years.  PHI and HIPPA compliance tips and tricks, to ensure your office addresses some of the key factors to keep client information, and isolate you from litigation.  Enjoy our Free eBooks and White Papers, to improve and review your current policies and network operations.

Higher Education and Library’s

We specialize in providing and improving technology solutions to provide some of the most innovative tools to deliver educational materials directly to your staff and students.  Take advantage of some of the eBook solutions and suggestions to help establish a baseline or policy to control streaming media content, web filter to keep students safe.  We provide interesting FREE Tips and Tricks to help implement solutions from Charter Schools to Public Libraries.

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January 24, 2020

Google and Microsoft have gone too far

Google and Microsoft are using dark pattern design to trick or force users to do things they never intended. Is it time to switch to more ethical search engines? (We…
January 24, 2020

Tampa Bay Times hit with Ryuk ransomware attack

Florida newspaper The Tampa Bay Times suffered a Ryuk ransomware attack Thursday, making it the latest major victim of the notorious ransomware family that continues to rise in popularity. Curiously,…
Whats HIPAA Today
January 24, 2020

Critical ‘MDHex’ Vulnerabilities Identified in GE Healthcare Patient Monitoring Products

Critical vulnerabilities have been identified in GE Healthcare patient monitoring products by a security researcher at CyberMDX. Elad Luz, Head of Research at CyberMDX, identified six vulnerabilities, five of which…
Cyber Security
January 23, 2020

Domain-Impersonation Increases by 400% as part of Conversational Hijacking Attacks

The latest data from security vendor Barracuda suggests that attackers heavily rely on lookalike domains as part of BEC scams that can result in CEO fraud, malware infection, or ransom.