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Cyber Security
August 24, 2019

Georgia Gov. Kemp Orders Cybersecurity Training For State Employees After Crippling Attacks

StateScoop reports: "Citing several recent ransomware attacks at the state and local levels, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp this week issued an executive order instructing state employees to undergo semiannual cybersecurity…
August 24, 2019

Why we shouldn’t let AI write for us

Machines are getting better at writing. They can finish our sentences. They can reply to our emails. They can write news reports and even novels. But just because they can…
Whats HIPAA Today
August 24, 2019

Video: Take a Look at Highlights from the August Issue of Collector Magazine – ACA International

Video: Take a Look at Highlights from the August Issue of Collector Magazine  ACA InternationalCollector magazine Managing Editor Anne Rosso May shares what's new in the latest issue of the association's…
August 23, 2019

Ransomware continues assault against cities and businesses

Ransomware continues to make waves in the US, forcing multiple cities and organizations into tough choices. Pressed for cash and time, local government organizations are left with few options: Either…