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Whats HIPAA Today
May 25, 2018

EU’s GDPR privacy law is here: Are you certain your US organization is compliant? – Healthcare IT News

Healthcare IT News EU's GDPR privacy law is here: Are you certain your US organization is compliant?Healthcare IT NewsGDPR is more stringent than HIPAA, which means by adhering to the…

May 25, 2018

Malware analysis: decoding Emotet, part 1

Emotet Banking Trojan malware has been around for quite some time now. As such, infosec researchers have made several attempts to develop tools to de-obfuscate and even decrypt the AES-encrypted…

Cyber Security
May 25, 2018

It’s May 25th, 2018: GDPR DAY! Here Are Phishing Templates You Can Use…

Because it is “GDPR day” our templates team have been hard at work developing GDPR/Privacy policy templates. We have 6 new templates available in the system, located in Current Events.

We are also adding a 7th for Uber, which is listed below–it should be available within a couple hours.

Cyber Security
May 24, 2018

3 Charged In Fatal Kansas ‘Swatting’ Attack

Federal prosecutors have charged three men with carrying out a deadly hoax known as “swatting,” in which perpetrators call or message a target’s local 911 operators claiming a fake hostage…